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This campaign aims to encourage people to choose to be happy, to breathe, to meditate, to be curious, to heal the pain, and to appreciate more.

But wait a second, can a human learn to Purr ? For real ? literally !


According to many types of research and sources, cats do not have any unique anatomical features which make them able to produce the purring sound.It appears that cats purr because it’s good for them. it strengthens bones and organs and helps to repair all manner of ills.

ACTUALLY, Cats purr not always when happy, but when they are in stress or fear, so basically they fake happiness, they choose to be happy, and magically it always works!

So, can we learn how to purr? 

YES, we can Biologically and Mentally.

Although purring is commonly associated with felids, other animals purr, such as raccoon, mongoose, bears, badgers, foxes, hyenas, rabbits, squirrels, guinea pigs, tapirs, ring-tailed lemurs, and gorillas while eating, and technically speaking a human can purr too but it needs the practice of course.


So, How hard is it to practice purring?

Well, it will take the same amount of time and energy if you want to learn yodeling, throat singing or ventriloquism.It is HARD, it is not easy, but technically anyone can learn it

YouTube is full of videos of people purring or teaching how to purr.

But this is not the point !


Mother teaches the kitten how to purr in their first days as a way to communicate and after that, a cat purrs from contentment and pleasure, but scientists found that cats often purr when distressed or in pain to trigger the brain to release a hormone which acts as a painkiller.

The vibrations and contractions of a purr show a consistent pattern and frequency around 25 Hz; these frequencies have been shown to improve bone density and promote healing in animal models and HUMAN.


So what you have to do to join “LET’S PURR “movement

. Adopt a cat

. Appreciate more

. Breath and meditate more

. Be curious, not judgmental

. Choose to be happy

If you never tried before to let a cat rescue you, join the movement we are sure from the results.

A better life with much much more LOVE

We want to purr with you

Let’s purr




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